NOTE: Calendar does not have any National or International events included. These events will be added during the year as they appear. And our calendar dates could be affected by these changes.

2023 year starts;


January 14th Saturday Training: 10.00am to 12.00pm at Uretiti Doc Camp grounds.

Camping is available there for $15 per adult per night and $7,50 for kids. Under 4yrs free. Book early if you want to camp. I’m camping there from 21st December to 16th January.

January 15th Beach training: Doc Camp, Uretiti Beach

January 18th Wednesday 1st holiday training session in the dojo 5.30pm to 6.30pm then each Wednesday and  Saturday from 21st January until School starts end of January 31st.

January 31st Tuesday Normal classes start. Beginners all ages from 4.5yrs onwards, 4.30pm to 6pm. And 6pm to 7.30pm Same for Tues, Weds Thurs.

Feb 6th Waitangi Day.  No training. Start back on 7th Feb Tuesday.

Mar 3rd/4th/5th Summer Camp North Pataua. $90 Cost.

April 6th last training day term 1.

April 7th Grading Day. 2pm

April 10th to 17th NSW Open trip. 

NOTE: holiday training during the NSW trip for Weds 12th and Sat 15th Maybe cancelled Check with me before I go the NSW..

Holiday training Wednesdays 5.30pm to 6.30pm 12th/19th and Saturdays 9.30am to 11am  15th/22nd April

Easter Holidays fall during School Holidays. Anzac Day on The Tuesday directly after school Holidays.

TERM 2. Normal classes.

April 24th: Return of normal training times

May 7th: Club Kata Tournament   prize money

May 21st Club Kumite Tournament

June 5th Kings birthday.

June 10th/11th BOOT CAMP 1.

June 30th Grading 4pm to 6.30pm approx

June 29th last day training term 2.

July 1st School Holiday training

July 14th Friday Matariki day. Saturday training 15th will remain on.

Holiday Training Term 3, Wednesdays 5th/12th and Saturdays 8th /15th

Term 3 normal classes start:

July 17th: Normal training times resume.

July.30th Club kata tournament  Reg 9.30am prize money

Aug 12/13th : Boot Camp Fundraiser 2

Aug 27th: Club Kumite Tournament  Reg 9.30am Prize money

Sept 15th Grading Day

Sept 22nd last day term 3.

Term 4 Holiday training: Wednesdays 27th Sept/4th Oct and Sat’s 30th Sept and 7th Oct 

Term 4 normal classes start:

Oct 9th Mon. Normal school term classes resume.

Oct 23rd Labour Day.

November 5th Miyagi Kan Yearly Tournament. 

Nov 18th Yearly Prize-giving.

Nov 24/25/26 Aust Miyagi Kan Yearly Seminar

Dec 8/9th Higher Kyu Grade Grading Dates

Dec 15th/16th  Grading 10th kyu to 5th kyu/

Dec 16th Last Day Sat Training and club clean-up, with Xmas party at 12pm onwards

New Year Start 2024

Jan 13th Saturday training 9.30am to 11.30am. At Uretiti Beach Doc Camp.

Jan 14th Sunday Beach Training. Meet at venue 9.30am. Uretiti Beach Doc Camp.

*Some dates may be subject to change depending on Shihan availability. Yet to be con firmed.

***Please note that the calendar is subject to change.