Training Times

Training Times

Mondays, 6.30pm to 8pm Sempai Jason class All grades and ages can train.

Tuesdays,  4.45pm to 6pm and 6pm to 7,30pm AND

Wednesdays, 5.30pm to 7pm 

Thursdays: 4.45pm to 6.00pm and 6pm to 7.30pm 


All these classes early and  late are for anyone all grades and ages including beginners. However only lower grade training will occur at the earlier classes. More advanced classes will occur during the later classes.

NOTE: Once the year has started, depending on numbers in the age groups of 4yrs to 8yrs, if these numbers are good then 2 more classes for the those age groups will start. The proposed days and times for those 2 classes are: Mondays and Wednesdays 4.45pm to 5.30pm. 45minuute classes. TBC.

Fridays: Reserve Day

Saturdays: Training. Traditional 9.00am to 10.00am, All grades white to black. 10.00 to 11am Black belts 1st kyus extra training.

Saturdays: Zoom training with Hanshi Barounis for Black Belts only. The zoom starts at 5pm and finishes at 6.30pm. Make sure you arrive before the start time. Doors will open at 4.45pm

School holiday training times:
Wednesdays 5.30pm To 6.30pm

Saturdays 9.00pm To 11am The first hour for all grades and the 2nd hour for Black Belt grades.

All training times are set for 2024.